Meet the herd!

Gschwendt Boris 

Boris, a longlegged bull was born in August 2014, his mother is Cosmos Tauri and his father is Saltaire Ixia. Boris was our first born bull calf and has grown into a magnificent breeding bull for our herd. He has won champion, first and second prize rosettes at shows. 

Gschwendt Churchill  

Churchill is a shortlegged bull and was born in August 2015, his mother is Rectory Ella and his father is Tooloo's Snapdragon. Churchill is another of our breeding bulls and also enjoys coming along to the shows - giving Boris a run for his money!

Gschwendt Annalena 

Gschwendt Annalena was our first born calf! She was born in July 2013, her mother is Whalton Manor Alice and her father is Newfoundland Beech. Annalena went to her first show in September 2014 - Henley show, where she came first in her Maiden Heifer class!

Gschwendt Bluebell 

Bluebell was born in August 2014, her mother is Belvoir Thimble and her father is Saltaire Ixia. Despite her funny looking horns she is a beautifully natured cow and produces lovely calves. 

Kingsway Ruby 

We purchased Ruby in February 2016 and she became one of the herd straight away! She is the oldest of our cows, born in April 2008 but doesn't let that get in her way! She produces fantastic calves and wins top prizes in the show ring. 

Cornhill Elizabeth  

Another of our older cows Elizabeth was purchased in June 2014. She was born in April 2009, her mother is Tewdor Parsley 2nd and her father is Saltaire Scrumpy. Elizabeth has had two calves since she has arrived, a bull calf (Gschwendt Cromwell) and heifer calf (Gschwendt Darmera). 

Whalton Manor Alice 

Alice was the first cow we bought in March 2013 from Thame Market. She was born in June 2010, her mother is Whalton Manor Salome and her father is Breoch Ptarmigan. We tried to halter train her but due to her lively personality we wasn't successful. She stands at the head of the herd and is always first to the hay!

Milview Tulip 

Tulip is one of Nikolaus' impulse purchases - he has a habit of "going just to look" but coming home with cows! Tulip was born in September 2011 and her mother is Mercer Phoebe and her father is Watercress Wriggler. 

Belvoir Thimble 

Thimble was purchased as a present for Nikolaus' 26th birthday by his parents Albert and Elaine. She was born in March 2011, her mother is Thorgil Saffron and her father is Belvior Winston. 

Gschwendt Rosie 

Rosie was born in February 2012, her mother is Fowlmere Ruby and her father is Fowlmere Bombadier. We purchased Rosie from market as a non-pedigree animal (another impulse purchase!) but managed to get her registered through DNA testing. 

Iffin Ruby 

We purchased Ruby in February 2016 from Kent - She is Kingsway Ruby's Daughter (not confusing at all!) Iffin Ruby was born in April 2015, and her father is Moomin Maximillian. Iffin Ruby had a go at being a show cow but was a little (a-lot) wild on the halter. 

Have you heard about our Ryelands?

In October 2017, Nikolaus and Rebecca decided to purchase a few Pedigree Ryelands from a friend.. then a few more... then a few more! 

Still a small flock, Gschwendt Pedigree Ryelands consists of four ewes, two ewe lambs and four ram lambs!